Theoretical Computer Science at Memphis

Welcome to the theory research group in the Computer Science Department at the University of Memphis.

Theoretical computer science is the study of the fundamental principles of computation under resource constraints. The two core branches are algorithms, which concerns techniques for the design and analysis of efficient algorithms for problems from various domains, and complexity, which is about classifying problems by their inherent difficulty and understanding the fundamental limits of efficient computation. Satellite branches form the theoretical foundations of many other areas of computer science by providing formal models, codifying intuitions, and rigorously analyzing problems from these areas.

Our research group studies problems of central importance in algorithms and complexity, as well as more application-oriented areas such as computational geometry, biomolecular computing, and communication complexity. We also collaborate with other research groups both inside and outside the Computer Science Department.

Our department offers B.S., M.S., and Ph.D. degrees. See here for information on applying to our graduate program.

Max Garzon
Max Garzon, Professor
Research interests: Biomolecular, parallel, and distributed computing
Nirman Kumar
Nirman Kumar, Assistant Professor
Research interests: Computational geometry and approximation algorithms
Vinhthuy Phan
Vinhthuy Phan, Associate Professor
Research interests: Bioinformatics and biomolecular computing
Thomas Watson
Thomas Watson, Assistant Professor
Research interests: Computational complexity theory
Dunn Hall, University of Memphis

  • 6030: Design and Analysis of Algorithms
  • 6601: Models of Computation
  • 7612: Foundations of Computing
  • 7712: Algorithms and Problem Solving
  • 8295: Algorithms in Computational Biology and Bioinformatics
  • 8613: Computational Complexity
  • 8713: Advanced Topics in Algorithms
  • 8992: Computational Geometry

Affiliated Faculty
Ph.D. Students
  • Anik Khan
  • Tyler Moore
  • Md Lutfar Rahman